Thursday, July 7, 2011

Millennium Justice Initiative

Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese

Millennium Justice Initiative

The MJI is an international lawsuit against the Vatican
1-to confiscate the trillions of dollars they have swindled out of fearful followers by using the heaven/hell paradigm and selling "spiritual real estate"
2-to hold the Vatican accountable for the Holocaust and convert the Basilica into a Holocaust museum
Are you like me?...fed up of the lies of the religions and the harmful consequences of these lies upon Humanity?...willing to start anywhere to deal with the problem?....starting with the Vatican and be willing to make money doing it?
if so...then please read on
MJI is seeking a group of 1000 interested participants who would like to form a committee for the express purpose of bringing the Vatican to justice...
 We will hire the best international attorneys and bring a lawsuit to the international court. The money will be confiscated and re-directed towards the UN and used to stimulate the global economy and alleviate world hunger.
and...For our investment of time and money, each participant will be entitled to a action fee which I will propose to be compensation for the money invested plus interest plus $100,000.00 per participant as a reward for this successful outcome.
that is one hundred million US dollars reward money divided by one thousand MJI participants for one hundred thousand US dollars apiece
in return for the justice of bringing the trillions of dollars of assets of the Roman Catholic church, which was swindled out of the fearful followers by threatening them with "eternal damnation" unless they paid the church money to "be saved"
the 1000 MJI participants will form the needed legal entity, hire the detectives and historians and the best attorneys, in order to build a case to be presented to the international courts ...
MJI participants who seek to win the reward money will be willing to chip in for the expenses of doing this, which can run into millions of dollars over the years, so between a thousand of us, each participant may have to pony up a thousand a year or so until the case is won.
are you able to imagine this? most people cannot...but new technology is allowing the average person who cares enough to do so, finally bring justice to, because the international court exists, and because of social media and the internet, using the proper legal channels, it is now within the grasp of the average person to join with others of similar passions, to unite and make changes to improve the world
and as well, we should also bring the israel/palestine issue to a proper conclusion of "going back to the drawing board" dismantling the very big mistake of forming a jewish favor of forming a secular state, calling it something non-religious, and enforcing a bill of human rights that respects all...this will be a separate lawsuit...
waiting for governments to do anything is like watching paint dry...we have the power to make things happen...just average Joes that we are
here are some ideas to ponder...
the wealth of the vatican came through the years
1-by threatening followers of the dire consequences of the afterlife, which they convinced fearful followers that they had a way of guaranteeing averting for them ...FOR A FEE...
2-they bankrolled the early stages of colonialism and put pressure on the early explorers to give high returns on their investments, which could only be accomplished by pillaging for gold and returning with slaves...also, on the same note, they provided the alibi for colonialism of "spreading the word of Jesus Christ" a way of placating the sensibilities of the people of Europe
3-they conspired with governments to con the people into desired behaviors, all in the name of "salvation" only to mislead the people, nonetheless, however, it was a profitable free land donated to the churches now worth trillions worldwide
4-they discovered very early in their scam, that backing charitable causes was a great way of getting fearful followers to donate ever higher amounts of donations, and then skimming their booty off the top...they got billions that way alone!
5-they provided the leadership that made it OK to enslave ...eventually leading to Black slave trade


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